How to Deal with Serious Bodily Harm and Scarring Cases

When dealing with bodily harm and scarring criminal cases it is important to distinguish whether they involve instances of serious bodily harm & scarring. Other terms that can be used are grievous bodily harm, serious bodily injury or bodily harm. Such kinds of injuries may result from intentional conduct such as assault and battery as well as unintentional conduct such as neglect.

Examples of serious bodily harm
Different states may have variations in defining such cases but an injury that seriously interferes with your comfort and health and is long lasting could be put in this category. Examples include paralysis, scarring or disfigurement, loss of a limb and also impairment of a limb, serious cuts and burns, head, neck and spine injuries and also broken bones.

Causing a mother to loose her fetus through battery or assault and also knowingly infecting someone with HIV Virus are also criminal cases under bodily harm. These cases are mostly associated with motor vehicle accidents, intentional actions such as robbery assault, battery and neglect.

Ways in which such cases are handled in court

You will find that many courts prosecute injury cases strictly because of the harm caused to the victim and especially if the action was intentional. Many courts categorize these cases as felony charges which mostly result in at least one year in jail and a fine. Such cases which usually start off as misdemeanor charges may soon elevate plaintiffinto felony status especially if the plaintiff can produce evidence of serious scarring and injuries. This when proved in court will automatically change the outcome of that case. It is important to note that the sentences handed down in such kinds of cases are dependent on the state you are prosecuted in.

The need of hiring a lawyer for such cases
It is vital that you hire an experienced criminal defense attorney as he will not only represent you in court but also give you expert legal advice. The attorney should research extensively on laws that you can use so as to ensure you will win in your case. Where one is not financially able to hire an attorney, the state usually provides a state attorney .It is important that the prosecutor is able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the act was either intentional or through neglect and resulted in the injury. They should also prove that the person being prosecuted is the one who caused that injury.